Forgetting for a moment the lack of paved roads, if you were to get into your car and drive to the moon, observing the speed limit of 75 mph, it would take 133 days to get reach it.  More than four months.  If you were to drive to Mars it would take more than 51 years, assuming you catch it at its closest pass.  If you were to drive to the sun — and I think it’s safe to say you’d have to use your sun visor — the trip would take 142 years.  Decide on a lark to take a drive to the end of the solar system?  Take a snack with you.  The edge of the solar system is a little open to interpretation, but safe to say, at 75 miles an hour you’d be stuck in the car for no less than 41,000 years, and (if you wanted to check out the scenery in the Oort Cloud) as long as 14 million years.

Everyone is familiar with the term needle in a haystack.  Well, if the observable universe (and to be clear–that’s not the whole universe, just the universe we can SEE from here…) were scaled down to the size of our planet Earth, our entire solar system would be smaller than a single grain of sand lying on a beach somewhere on the planet.  One 50th of a millimeter, according to my math.